The internet is a vast source of information that has streamlined the way we work and transformed how we research, plan, book, and make decisions about where to go and what to do. Unfortunately, it has also made validating this information and the trustworthiness of sources quite challenging – wouldn’t it be awesome if there was someone knowledgeable to turn to for trip-planning advice? You’ve arrived at the right place! A full-service travel concierge like My Trippa offers just that: trustworthiness, efficiency and peace of mind that each service provider has been thoroughly vetted. My Trippa will handle every aspect of your next trip, from the big things like flights and accommodation to ensuring you have packed your flip flops and sun hat. From lekker local getaways to unforgettable overseas vacays, here are 10 reasons to choose a travel concierge for your next trip:

1. Maximises your free time

My Trippa already spent hours researching the best time to travel to your dream destination based on cultural experiences, the weather, and outdoor adventure. We also know the best places to see, which airlines to book with, visa requirements, what a fair rate is for the area, where to stay, can sort out Forex and give you tips on the local currency. As experts, we can plan it better (and quicker) than you would be able to yourself.

2. Stretches your budget

While there is a cost associated with concierge travel, because our personal travel assistants know when and how to get the best deals, you will end up saving money that can be used to fit in additional services, shopping and experiences into your next trip.

3. Less stress
We’re not just knowledgeable and passionate about travel, we’re super organised and fuss over the details, so you can relax knowing that each booking has been double-checked and that you won’t arrive at the airport on Sunday for a flight that’s only taking off on Monday.

4. Specialist knowledge

While you’ve never been to the destination, My Trippa could literally write a book on it. We’ll find you interesting things to do based on your interests. We know the best fine-dining restaurants, and where to get authentic street food. We know where to shop for items that don’t have excessive mark-up just for tourists, and the night clubs where the locals go to party. My Trippa will plan a trip and itinerary based on your interests and our extensive research, allowing you to maximise your free time.

Live like a local on your trip with immersive and tailored experiences.

5. Real people

At My Trippa, you are allocated your own personal travel assistant who you will have direct contact with and who will play a hands-on role in planning your trip from start to end. Each relationship between My Trippa and our clients is incredibly important to us, and we hope to build a trusting and long-lasting relationship with you so that we can curate trips that perfectly suit you and your needs.

6. Beyond just booking

Our relationship doesn’t end once the itinerary has been ironed out and bookings have been made. While the weather is always taken into account when planning your itinerary, it’s always a little bit unpredictable. If your Bali <link> surf lesson has had to be cancelled due to thunderstorms, you can relax knowing that your personal travel assistant is short email or call away and can assist with recommendations that will suit the weather. If you want a last-minute lunch recommendation while on your trip, My Trippa is available to recommend the best local cafe to suit your cravings.

7. Avoid scams and fraud

There are so many scam sites with raving recommendations from what appear to be real people, but in reality, the accommodation is not lekker – if it even exists. Or there’s the worry of fraudulent sites that steal your credit card details. My Trippa has a list of approved accommodation and service providers that we have used numerous times or which we have thoroughly vetted– to protect you.

8. Have your best interests at heart

My Trippa aims to build long-lasting and trusting relationships with each of our clients, not just because a good experience for you means a good recommendation for us, but because the better we know you, the better we can customise your trip. And we would love to become the go-to concierge for each future trip you take.

9. Experiences over souvenirs

We understand that travelling is not just about buying souvenirs, but about the experiences you can tell your friends about at the next braai. And that not everyone wants the same experience – your itinerary will be curated with experiences that are so suited to you, it will be as if you planned it yourself.

10. Access to unique experiences

As seasoned travellers, our address books are full of contacts we have gathered along the way. Tickets sold out to a concert you’re dying to see? We may just know someone who can get you one. Dying to eat at that famous restaurant that everyone is talking about but which has been booked up for months? We might just be able to find a way to get you in.

Are you ready for that next trip? Find out more about what we offer <link> or have a look at our packages <link> and destinations <link> for some #tripspiration.